Former UiPath General Counsel launches Goodlegal, backed by UiPath founder and early investors

Former UiPath General Counsel, Vasile Tiple

Former UiPath General Counsel Vasile Tiple launches Goodlegal, a legal infrastructure platform aimed at providing organizations with an out-of-the-box legal operations framework to achieve legal compliance by leveraging the latest technology advancements and industry-standard content.  

Goodlegal received a pre-seed investment of €1.2 million from early UiPath investors Earlybird Digital East Fund, which led the round, Credo Ventures together with Daniel Dines, and including the latest CEE VC fund, Underline Ventures.

“We are starting our journey to reinvent legal and help our customers to focus on their business, develop great products and become self-sufficient with Goodlegal infrastructure. Our mission is to make legal easy, accessible, and actionable.”, says Vasile Tiple.

Goodlegal is a one-stop-shop for legal compliance which aims to democratize legal by providing individuals and organizations with a legal infrastructure platform to drive frictionless engagement with the stakeholders. It offers various functionalities, ranging from drag-and-drop document builder to out-of-the-box documents, editor and text analysis, e-signature, automation functionalities, and integrations, through which every organization can achieve a sound legal compliance and operations framework in no time. 

Currently, there isn’t a platform available to provide a prebuilt legal infrastructure needed for the daily operations of a company. The entire legal tech market was built around very specific features without considering the bigger picture of what a company might need to be legally compliant. Even the end-user legal market evolved in two different directions: tools built for external lawyers on one side and tools built for in-house lawyers on the other side. Goodlegal is addressing both these legal market inconsistencies by addressing the needs of both law firms and in-house lawyers.

”We aim for Goodlegal to become the industry-accepted <legal operating system>, a standard blueprint for how to put your legal infrastructure in place. Our immediate goal is to be the go-to legal platform for all startups and help them freely achieve the next stage in their company evolution, while medium and long-term goals include large enterprises for which we are developing various integrations, creating a Goodlegal ecosystem for any company irrespective of its size or industry.”, adds Vasile Tiple.  

Vasile Tiple was UiPath’s General Counsel and the architect of the global legal and compliance team. He was at the forefront of designing and implementing the company’s legal operations, support, and automation vision. In his last role at UiPath as Head of Legal & Compliance Automation, Vasile created the go-to-market of the internal Legal Automation Program he implemented in 2016 in UiPath Legal to use RPA for legal work. Vasile has a Ph.D. in International Law from the University of Bucharest, is an author of various academic papers on law, administration, and AI, and previously worked at various organizations, including Adobe.

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