Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) from Netherlands is on a mission to build tomorrow's leading firms. Over 200 companies have been set up so far in YES!Delft, its startup incubator, raising over 316 M€ in private funding. As a partner of EIT Health, YES!Delft’s combines its startup expertise with the extensive knowledge of the EIT Health network.
Transylvania Digital Health Ecosystem is an opportunity for people that are interested in healthcare, innovation, and in the improvement of healthcare, to get together, to collaborate and to build projects that can improve their businesses and the healthcare in the region.
When you think of France, you instantly think of Paris, Mont Saint Michel or Loire valley’s castles. But what if I told you there’s a city in France where you can literally organize your startup team, while riding an elephant?
EIT Digital expands its network, Techcelerator from Romania joins the EIT Digital Ecosystem Following a national selection, Techcelerator was elected to collaborate in Romania with EIT Digital, a leading European organization driving Europe’s digital transformation. In this capacity, Techcelerator will look for, and connect to EIT Digital, Romanian start-ups with high growth potential...
Alexandra and Andrei, the founders of Amsterdam-based ScaiData, a real-time business intelligence & analytics platform Alexandra started ScaiData after she worked at KPMG as an IT consultant, where she was doing data analytics engagements for large corporations. Those engagements sometimes consumed a lot of time and involved manual work in Excel. Now, the...


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