Rubik Garage Demo Day: meet the pitching startups from the 2nd edition pre-accelerator program


After 3 intense months, the second edition of the Rubik Garage pre-acceleration program powered by Rubik HUB, comes to an end and the startups that have built and taken steps for the development of the MVP will enter the pitching session. The event will take place online, on the 25th of June at 18:00 (EET).

The jury will include investors, mentors from Rubik Hub community, representatives of the academic environment and founders of startups. Depending on the results, they will award prizes for the winning startups. The public will also have the opportunity to vote and choose their favorite startup

The teams from the edition with no. 2 of the Rubik Garage pre-accelerator are:

CodersEden – marketplace for designers and developers; 

Etiquette – application for the pastry, which optimizes their operational activities (stock management, labeling, invoicing, etc.); 

Identive – SAAS, with block chain technology, which fights against the theft of intellectual property and counterfeit products from the fashion world;

Marketio – an application through which you can redecorate your home or office, purchasing furniture, decorative objects or art, which match those already existing in the chosen space; 

NutriPass – Online nutrition platform where you can purchase online nutritional consulting services directly from the comfort of your home, only with laptop and internet connection;

Picto – an Uber of professional photographers; 

Sitter – a platform dedicated to families, where they can find nannies for children or animals, teachers for private meditations, cleaning staff, caregivers for the elderly; 

WaaS – wellbeing as a service, a startup with which companies can offer employees rewards such as relaxation experiences;

Listabit – is an online product directory (online and offline) that shortens the route between sellers and buyers – helping them save time and money; 

ioTEC – creates customized firmware programs; 

Bio Beauty Box – online platform for lovers of organic cosmetics; 

BnBtoGo – a platform dedicated to local entrepreneurs who need help to recover from the crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic; 

Pet workshop – clothes for animals of different sizes, tailor-made; 

Batonash – nutritious bars, made from natural ingredients.

Trough the time of the program, the startups selected within the program, had 12 webinars, countless mentoring sessions, pitching sessions and presentation to investors. All this thanks to the access gained through participation in the program of the entire network of mentors, experts and investors within the Rubik HUB community (over 100 experts and professionals).

During all this time, startups had the opportunity to validate and test their ideas, establish their marketing strategy, meet the right people, strengthen relationships and connections to help them continue to develop their business including after the completion of the program. They managed to get valuable feedback from experienced mentors, but also from investors, who helped them to avoid mistakes and speed up the business development process.

Basically, through the pre-acceleration program Rubik Garage, the startups in this edition and those that will follow fully enjoy “equity free knowledge”, having access to know-how and guidance without giving up social shares in exchange for all benefits received.

You will see validated solutions & MVPs form verticals like SaaS, Dev, market places, block chain, security, AI & other algorithms. All are built to make life easier for people in fields like dev & design, wellbeing, fashion, homes, nutrition, small bakeries, e-commerce, photographers, families & nannies.

The Rubik Garage pre-accelerator for early stage startups ends its second edition with 3 guests who will bring news from the ecosystems where they are present on the topic of New Trends for Startups. In the dedicated Fireside Talk panel you will be able to see:

Paul Kallmes – Co-founder of WhiteSpace X and Managing Director @ Silicon Valley Business School – U.S.A.

Joel Larsson – Co-founder Fast Track Malmö – Sweden

Marcin Kurek – Co-founder of Market One Capital – Poland

The 3 representatives of the startup ecosystems from Europe and USA will talk about the new trends in the world of startups, in the context of the current pandemic, but also about the need to be agile and adapt to new situations.

Registrations for the event are made here:

Rubik Garage is a pre-acceleration program dedicated to early-stage startups, designed by Rubik Hub powered by the Northeast Regional Development Agency and supported by Orange.

Founder, editor in chief of Startups&TheCity.