Romanian startup is set on expanding to India through the EU-India Innocenter program

Kolkata, India. Photo by Martin Jernberg.

Romania-based, a platform that connects employers with candidates aged 18-25 looking for a job internationally with the help of three one-minute videos, was accepted in the EU-India Innocenter, a program which prepares European startups and entrepreneurs to launch and expand their activities in India, supporting their market entry strategies and creating a solid local network.

The 3minutesjob platform, a tech startup launched in Brasov, Romania, by Italian entrepreneur Andrea Adamo, grew 315% in just four months and reached 14,500 users end of April 2021, compared to 3,500 users at the end of 2020.

We are looking forward to exploring the Indian market, and we have a lot to offer and also benefit from the program. India is the third-largest startup ecosystem in the world and hosts more than 35 unicorns. The country offers exclusive advantages and opportunities in areas such as HR recruiting and talents, among other verticals with urgent needs and ready to benefit from European startup solutions”, said Andrea Adamo, CEO, and founder of 3minutesjob.

The EU-India Innocenter comprises six complementary organizations with extensive experience and high credibility in Europe and abroad, which add their expertise to support European startups to launch and expand their business in India. The program aims to impact more than 360,000 entrepreneurs and revolutionize both Indian and European startup scenes.

The first phase of the EU-India Innocenter project aims to establish partnerships with the main innovation actors in Europe and India to identify and develop the startups with the greatest potential for the Indian market.

Founder, editor in chief of Startups&TheCity.