Iasi-based NetBears launches Rungutan, a platform for website traffic load testing

Rungutan founders, Marius and Costina Mitrofan.

Rungutan is the first Romanian built SaaS platform designed to assess a web platform’s traffic load capacity, 100% serverless, dedicated to small and medium web development companies. Rungutan was created by NetBears, an AWS certified DevOps-as-a-Service company, having more than three years of experience on the global market. The inspiration to create this product raised from the challenges they and their customers met.

“In the summer of 2019 we had a client from the Netherlands, we were just finishing the project for him, and in the end we were asked if the new version of the platform can support the existing traffic of 2,000 users per second. Being quite constrained on both the financial and human resources side, we kept trying to find different solutions that would give us an answer in such a short time. Having neither professional testers on the client’s side nor on ours at that moment, we should have practically learned those tools in a very short time. From here came our inspiration, from a business challenge, a great challenge to find a quick solution. And that was it. Since then we have realized that we can come to the aid of many IT professionals who do not have the necessary time or financial resources at certain times to purchase such platforms.”, remembers Costina Mitrofan, Co-founder and CMO Rungutan, about the start of their platform.

Rungutan Load Testing platform provides support for creating workflows that simulate the user experience, so it’s easier to design workflow-oriented test strategies. Basically, with Rungutan, it will be possible to test certain segments of a website, defining the test cases based on customers’ behavior, using information from applications such as Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, Hotjar.

With Rungutan, testers can connect with the members of their team and view or edit test cases together, schedule the exact date on which to run tests without their intervention and can simulate workload from over 15 different regions of the world. Those interested can check out an official demo of the platform here.

Regarding the costs for getting access to the platform, the users have 2 options. They can choose either a monthly or an annual subscription depending on the number of credits they need for the scheduled tests, or they can choose the pay per test option. This option has been especially designed taking into account the profile of the targeted companies, which may not have a need to do Load Testing consistently. In this way, they have free access to the platform and its functionalities, and they will have to pay only for the tests they run. 

The cost of the subscriptions varies between $20 and $99 per team member, offering between 50 and 450 available credits, and the cost of a basic test is about $5. More details on the credit calculation algorithm is available here.

Throughout June 2020, the founders of Rungutan prepared special offers for annual subscriptions, which can be purchased based on a limited edition promo code, available both on the official website rungutan.com and on professional and social networks starting June 4th. Also, all those who want to test the platform can do it for free for 1 month, just by registering at any time on the official website. Throughout this free trial they will have access to the features associated with the Enterprise Subscription and can run tests according to this plan.

Rungutan was built using the company’s own resources, thus its founders truly believe in it and in the added value it can bring to the end customers. At the same time, they are targeting a $150,000 3rd party investment, which will be used to increase the team and to start building the enterprise version of the platform.

Founder, editor in chief of Startups&TheCity.