Cluj-based Nooka Space introduces the concept of flex office booths in aiport waiting areas


Cluj-based Nooka Space, the company who designed the first smart proximity office network in the world, back in 2020, introduces the concept of flex office on demand in airport waiting areas, to provide passengers with private spaces to work or relax, while waiting for their flight. As such, Nooka Space launches Nooka Air, a smart office booth designed to offer better airport experience during the waiting hours in terminals. 

Nooka Air state-of-the-art office booths are enhanced by technology, allowing users to have full control over the space, from booking the desired time slot to customizing the inside environment, such as lighting or temperature. The digitalized Nooka Air office booths are IoT integrated, providing smart access to the space and its features directly from a mobile app. Nooka Space offers fully equipped, Wi-Fi connected, pay-as-you-go office pods to better airport experience and work while traveling. With their sound proofing technology and ergonomic furniture, Nooka Air booths are designed to boost users focus and wellbeing and improve productivity on the go, without being distracted by the noise and bustle of the airport.

In recent years we noticed profound changes in the way we travel, work, socialize, and engage with external environments. Like many other industries across the world, airports are still facing the effects of the pandemic and need to put more emphasis on passengers’ experience, safety, and wellbeing. As such, the waiting area experience is crucial to customer satisfaction. The lack of private spaces to work or relax in many international airports led us to the idea of creating Nooka Air, a high-tech office booth that can be booked and used as a private space to work, concentrate, or relax while waiting for the  flight.”, said Sandu Băbășan, Co-Founder Nooka Space.

Cluj-Napoca’s International Airport is one of the first beneficiaries of Nooka Air office booths. 

“Cluj Avram Iancu International Airport is a cosmopolitan and multicultural airport. Romania’s largest regional airport supports the development of its various types of traffic (leisure, business, VFR), and this has led to a steady increase in its annual passenger numbers and thus to the need of diversifying its service area. We particularly appreciate the decision of our partner Nooka Space to make Cluj airport one of the first beneficiaries of such innovative facilities. Whether for work or relaxation, we invite passengers of Cluj International Airport to discover the 4 state-of-the-art smart offices that Nooka Space has placed in the passengers waiting areas of the domestic and international departures terminals.”, said David Ciceo, General Manager of Avram Iancu International Airport, Cluj Napoca.

Nooka Air smart office booths are especially designed as private workspaces, offering a high level of privacy and the optimal conditions to work or relax, by creating an island of silence in an open, crowded area. 

„We are in advanced negotiations and close to signing contracts with other 9 airports in Western Europe. Moreover, based on the data collected from the booking history within the app, 1 in 3 users have extended their stay, which makes us confident that the solution we offer will bring added value to passenger experience in airport terminals”, Sandu Băbășan added.

The company aims to develop an extensive network of smart offices in airports where there is a growing demand for flex work spaces. The types of offices developed by Noooa Space so far are suitable for both indoor and outdoor spaces and can be located anywhere, from residential areas and public spaces to shopping centres, railway stations, and airports.

Nooka Space has the mission to create a global network of smart proximity offices and to grow a community of users, contributing to the sustainable development of the smart cities. Nooka Space has offices in the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Romania, Ireland, Switzerland, Italy and France. For further information, visit

Founder, editor in chief of Startups&TheCity.