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Fasten your seatbelts: Oradea’s startup community is ready for takeoff

The local startup ecosystem of Oradea, in North-West Romania, has been making headlines for the past two years. Besides being a beloved destination for tourists and having a high-performing public administration, Oradea has made...

Oradea, in NW Romania, launches a startup incubator program with an annual budget of...

Make IT in Oradea, and NGO founded by local authorities and companies in Oradea, North-West of Romania, launches the Bright Nights Incubator program for startups, which offers mentoring and funding of up to €50,000...

Oradea is emerging as one of the most attractive startup hubs in Romania

Located in the North-West of Romania, Oradea has enjoyed a very positive development in recent years, being viewed as an attractive location both by individuals and companies. Banking on massive investments in public infrastructure undertaken in recent years, the city has managed to attract both private investments and tourists.

Oradea, a city at the forefront of good practices and resilience in handling the...

The measures taken by the public administration and the good coordination with the private sector during the COVID-19 pandemic is bringing the city of Oradea, in North-West of Romania, at the forefront of good practices and resilience in crisis situations.